Whiskey Witches

Origins #1
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Detective Paige Whiskey is about to set off on a path that will change the course of her family’s lives forever.

The Whiskeys are a powerful family in the paranormal community, but there’s a lot they don’t know. As they blunder down their path of discovery, they find shapeshifters, vampires, and much more. The old days of witches, demons, and angels are disappearing fast.

By helping these other paranormals, though, they’re re-opening a war that’s been closed for two-hundred years. Helping others comes naturally to the Whiskeys, but is it worth re-starting a war?

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Demon Whiskey This prequel is only available here. Follow the Whiskeys as they fight to keep their family together. Everyone else might be fooled by Rachel Whiskey. But not Leslie. She was there. She remembers. And she’ll never forget.

Whiskey Witches Detective Paige Whiskey finds herself in the center of the murder investigation. The killer is after her and he has plans that are far-reaching. It’s no longer about saving others. It’s about getting out alive.

Blood Moon Magick To protect the shifters he’s targeting, she must break the treaty between shifters and witches, endanger her job, and risk her life. Will Paige save the shifters, finally catch Sven, keep her job, and maintain a lid on this war? Or will she lose it all?

Barrel of Whiskey Merry Eastwood is eager to reopen the war between shifters and witches, and she’s in Texas. Paige and Dexx rush to aid the Whiskey family, but bring their own issues with them. The local shifter pack, evil witches, and hormonal witch-kids are just the icing on the cake. It’s hard to put a plug in a Barrel full of Whiskey.

Witches of the West The Whiskeys are taking the battle to Portland and setting up shop in Merry Eastwood’s backyard, but she’s been around for over two hundred years. She’s not the type of witch who will go quietly into the night.

A Very Whiskey Christmas Spend Christmas with the Whiskeys. No murders, but all the drama. The decorations are still missing from the move and everyone’s been invited to the Whiskey house for some eggnog and witchy-good Christmas cheer. From the Whiskeys to you, Happy Yule, everyone!

Deleted Scenes We have two complete, never-to-be-published novels to pull scenes from. We chose three chapters to share with you.

Author Interviews Take a trip down memory lane with Frankie Blooding as she shows you how Whiskey Witches evolved.

Playlists Download the Whiskey playlist and the Whiskey soundtrack!

Other Extras! Discover how Frankie was “turned” into a vampire, what an author’s superpower is, and what it’s like to be Whiskey Tough!

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