Wolf Song

Shadow Sisterhood Book #3

She’s the only one who can save the day, but she’ll need the support of a dragon to do it.

Dr. Zoe Pierce has always challenged the world around her. She and her father head up the local bio-lab and are doing everything in their power to find the cure to the brain eating amoeba that targets shapeshifters. She watched her mother die this way and she’s vowed never to let it happen again.

Brack Waugh is a dragon by birth. They’ve been in hiding from society since the days of Merlin, but when his friends start falling to this water-born amoeba, he suspects something bigger at play here. He follows the trail to Xcol and almost literally falls into Zoe’s arms while out on a recon mission. He knows Zoe’s company is behind the outbreak, but in order to get the proof, he needs to get to Zoe. He doesn’t plan on falling for her.

If Zoe and Brack can’t find the pathogen leak and stop it, the entire town could fall instead of a handful of packs. But can the belief of one dragon be enough to empower a wolf into finding a cure that’s frustrated biologists for decades?