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ASH 1.1 Sol Break

Raven Fenn is trapped in a job she loathes, but as she escapes, people from all sides vie to use her to their advantage. She, however, only has one thought in mind; find a way back to her daughter who has been behind Earth’s quarantine walls since she was four days old. How she’s going to rescue her daughter, she doesn’t know. But when the rebel underground offers her a chance to smuggle tera-blocks from Earth, she realizes she might be able to smuggle a little more than intended.

Sikks Geyr is serving the last life sentence of his family and is preparing himself to watch his children leave into lives of freedom. However, when his kids are taken from the very government that enslaved four generations of Geyrs, he does something that goes against every fiber in his bones; he fights back. Stealing the ship his family was imprisoned for creating, he and Raven’s daughter, whom he raised since infancy, leave Earth in a mad dash to find his kids and save them.

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