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What Are others saying about Whistling Book Press?

"Well written tale of humans, witches, angels & demons with one hell of a difference!! Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Sometimes it's tough to tell as the events unfold. Just as you think you have it figured out the plot twists again." Pamela K. Jones

  • Seraphia

    "Paige Whiskey is a dynamite character and Dexx creates a nice balance to her. Definitely a book for those who enjoy paranormal mystery with a hefty dose of action and a dash of horror."

  • Lynn 2 Girls & A Book

    "This is my first encounter with author F.J. Blooding and I gotta say I am blown away by her writing ability. Blooding weaves a diverse, complex story filled with amazing characters whose backstories could be books of their own."

  • Krissy Smith

    "When the ending comes, it's like getting drawn into a paranormal soap opera because you don't want it to stop. You want it to just keep going and going and going. The characters are extremely well thought out and well written."

What A Wild Ride

Ms. Blooding is an artist with her vivid descriptions and rollercoaster plots, which make her books difficult to put down. Her writing makes it seem like you're actually there with the characters. Kinda hard when you've got a good imagination and everything is clear; makes ya lazy. Texas