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Whistling Book Press

2.3 Lizard Wizard - Paperback

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How powerful is powerful enough?

Detective Dexx Colt is going to be a father. Again. He’s already unofficially adopted Leah and Bobby, but now he has a bun in the oven. Twins.

How bad can it be, really? He’s a powerful shifter. She’s a powerful witch. They’re gonna have two powerful babies that might…blow up the town in a tantrum? What could go wrong? It’s unfamiliar ground, and that’s for certain.

So, when Oliver Eastwood’s bank is robbed, he’s thrilled. First, it couldn’t have happened to a better fellow, and second, he can focus on blowing stuff up again. But when that robbery is followed by a strange theft, and the death of one Chuck’s alphas, he begins to suspect he’d better off at the OBGYN with his mate.


He’s about to experience what his twins might be capable of. And it’s terrifying.


Paige Whiskey has a lot to learn about the ancients and their impact on the world. The mammoth, griphon, unicorn and more are ready to reunite with our world and they're using witches like Paige to do it. But what will the consequences be and how many people worked to orchestrate their arrival?

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