The Whiskeys are growing in power, and the arrival of the ancients aren’t helping anything.

Paige is now eight months pregnant with two ancients, and has just returned from a stint in Heaven that has the Whiskey clan shell-shocked. The world is reacting to Paige’s unborn children and the only thing they can do is ensure they show the world there’s nothing to be frightened of.

But Leslie has lost control of the ancient being inside her, the griffin. And when DoDO, the Department of Delicate Operations, shows up guns blazing to put Leslie out of the world’s misery, Paige steps up in a way no on sees coming.

DoDO represents a threat the Whiskeys have never faced before; a government agency hell bent on keeping the paranormal population down. At all costs. It’s going to take everything Paige has to learn to control the rising power building inside her, help her sister find balance with her ancient, and to save her unborn children.

If you enjoy fast action, strong characters, a tight family unit, and a plot that’s hard to guess, this series is for you. Jim Butcher and Kim Harrison fans love it!

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