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2.5 Double-Double Demon Trouble - Paperback

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Everything they know is about to explode.

Dexx finally has Paige back, and just in time to bring two amazing balls of world-wrecking joy into this world. But as he and Paige settle in to prepare to finally see their unborn babes—twins, if you can believe it. Yeah. Dexx did that—their world starts to unravel around them.

Two bodies drop. Both with hidden messages just for Paige.

It’s Sven Seven-Tails. He’s back and more powerful than ever before. The last time Dexx and Paige fought him, they’d lost and barely left with their lives. Now?

Well, they’re alone this time. They’ve got the backing of Dexx’s pack and the entire Whiskey witch clan, so they should have a fighting chance.

They’d damned well better.

This is the beginning of a Whiskey-verse Crossover Event! This event is so big, it’ll take three books and a whole slew of characters to get to the bottom of it. Don’t miss a single chapter. You will regret it!


Paige Whiskey has a lot to learn about the ancients and their impact on the world. The mammoth, griphon, unicorn and more are ready to reunite with our world and they're using witches like Paige to do it. But what will the consequences be and how many people worked to orchestrate their arrival?

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