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F.J. Blooding

2.7 Dead Demon Die

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Paige’s heart hurts, but she can’t quit yet.

She knows she has to get over her losses—because they haven’t had many wins—and keep moving forward. The entire town of Troutdale knows the existence of the paranormals that live among them and someone’s gotta keep a lid down on the civil war breeding inside her own damned wards.

Sven and his demons have walled off the entire town. Nothing comes in or out. No supplies. No food. No medicines. No gas.
And all around them? Demons.

They’re glued to her wards like flies on fly paper and it doesn’t matter now many Paige and her team pick off, more seem to come. She’s even been forced to let the Blackman witches underneath the protections of her wards so they wouldn’t fall into Sven’s hands. She’s gathered all the power players she can, and it isn’t enough Sven is too powerful. He’s found a way to siphon power from an alternate dimension, where the spirit animals and fallen gods and goddesses live. And now? He’s got Bastet on his team.

Blessed Mother. The chips just keep rolling.

So, Paige is going to do the only thing she can. She’s going to free an old enemy, to release the most powerful Eastwood witch, and see if the power of the three greatest witch families on the west coast will finally be enough to bring down Sven Seven-Tails once and for all.

This concludes the Whiskey-verse Crossover Event. Whoa! What a ride!


Paige Whiskey has a lot to learn about the ancients and their impact on the world. The mammoth, griphon, unicorn and more are ready to reunite with our world and they're using witches like Paige to do it. But what will the consequences be and how many people worked to orchestrate their arrival?

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