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Frankie Jo's Storyland

Here's a taste of what you'll gain access to.

  • Behind the Scenes Content

    Each week, Frankie freely shares something about her process, what inspired certain scenes, how she comes up with characters, or interviews, witchy goodness, research discoveries, and more. You can find the articles that interest you by scrolling through the top menus: Book News, Witchcraft, Power of Reading, and Author Talk.

    Here is a sampling of what you'll discover.

    • Surviving Despair Through Fiction
    • Witchy Ways To Use Yarrow
    • What To Read When Feeling Anxious
    • When Do You Give Up On Your Dreams?
    • Identifying What I Bring
    • Gluten & Dyslexia

  • Bonus Content

    This is where Frankie test-drives her bonus content. She offers character interviews, past book tour articles, book evolution posts, short stories, and more!

    • Pizza With Synn, Dyna, & Nix (Devices Of War)
    • A Red So Wild (Dreamland Shorts)
    • Excerpt: Whiskey Witches 2007
    • Excerpt: Whiskey Witches 2023
    • Series Of Evolutions (Whiskey Witches)
    • Shaman Dream Oracle Deck (October Sky)
    • Author Interview
    • Lost Dreamers (Dreamland Short)
    • Pushstation 16 (Asho'a Short)
    • Coloring pages
  • Complete & In-Progess Books

    The paid content on Frankie Jo's Storyland are her completed and in-progress books, with one exception.

    Dream Lord Wars is being uploaded and provided for free in an effort to bring more attention to her Dreamland realm.

    You can read these completed novels with a paid subscription:

    • The Dustman
    • Dream Killers 1, 2, & 3

    You can read these on-going novels with a paid subscription:

    • October 2 (working title)
    • Sol Break

    You can read this ongoing novel with a free subscription:

    • Dream Lord Wars Book 1

That Is A LOT Of Content!

To make this even better, Whistling Book Press is teaming up with her. When you buy her Substack yearly membership through us, we'll give you $10 off, giving you 2 months free.

But wait. It gets better.

Buy her books and add her Substack yearly membership on top of that and save up to 36%, giving you almost 6 months free.

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F.J. Blooding

Membership to Frankie Jo's Substack

Frankie Jo's Storyland is where she shares her insights into the books, chats with readers, and uploads the books she's writing as she's writing them. Currently, she's working on Dream Lord Wars, October 2, and Sol Break. 

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