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F.J. Blooding, S.S. Wolfram, Alivia Patton

Whiskey Witches Ancients Boxset

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Prepare to be spellbound by the gripping saga of Whiskey Witches Ancients, where the relentless Paige Whiskey finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and peril. In Books 1 to 7, follow Paige's heart-pounding quest to uncover the true intentions of the elusive Sven Seven Tails, who harbors a dangerous obsession: capturing Paige and her unborn children.

Paige's world takes a treacherous turn as she discovers the immense power that courses through her unborn children. Who are both powerful witches and have been chosen by two of the most powerful ancients in the shifter line-up. With Dexx by her side, a powerful shifter struggling to tame his own primal nature, they rise as formidable paranormals in their own right.

As the stakes escalate, the series takes an exhilarating twist, introducing an array of formidable adversaries. From the treacherous Djinn to a renegade government agency hell-bent on eradicating every paranormal being, Paige and Dexx navigate a treacherous landscape of betrayal and survival. Their every step is shadowed by the looming threat of capture and the chilling realization that their children are coveted for their unparalleled abilities.

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through a world where shifting alliances and heart-pounding action await at every turn. With their lives hanging in the balance, Paige and Dexx must summon their inner strength and embrace the extraordinary power that flows through their bloodline. Together, they confront ancient forces and ruthless enemies, determined to protect their unborn children and preserve the delicate balance between worlds.

Immerse yourself in this thrilling blend of supernatural fantasy and heart-stopping suspense as the Whiskey Witches Ancients series catapults you into a world where destiny, power, and love collide in a battle that will shape the fate of all paranormal creatures.


Paige Whiskey has a lot to learn about the ancients and their impact on the world. The mammoth, griphon, unicorn and more are ready to reunite with our world and they're using witches like Paige to do it. But what will the consequences be and how many people worked to orchestrate their arrival?

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