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F.J. Blooding

DOW 0 - Devices Of War

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Read all three Devices of War books! Be prepared for a wild ride. 

Journey with Synn El’Asim, an airship dweller in a world dictated by seasons and tribal divisions.

In Fall of Sky City, a vengeful queen, Nix, hunts Synn's tribe with flying machines made of steel, leading to a war in the skies. By Sky Games, Synn finds himself at the mercy of his foe. Entrapped yet respected, he's presented with a dubious peace treaty to unite the fractured tribes. But peace is elusive, and by Whispers Of the Skyborne, the true enemy emerges. The very Marks of power held with pride by the tribes hint at an impending extraterrestrial invasion. As the Skyborne descend, desperate for resources, alliances shift and Synn must confront not just earthly adversaries, but threats from the cosmos.

Dive into a saga of war, treachery, and otherworldly mysteries.

Devices of War

Synn El'Asim has been taught his entire life to protect the Families at all costs, but when Queen Nix sets her eyes on him, targeting the El'Asim fleet in order to get her hands on him and the power of his Marks, he'll do whatever it takes to steal the knowledge she offers and bring an end to her world. 

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