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F.J. Blooding

DoW 3 - Whispers of the Skyborne

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She thought she had me. She was wrong.

I almost brought down Sky City, but now I’m in the hands of the enemy. Again. This time, it’s different. There’s a little respect. Is that something I can build from? Is it something I can trust?

With Nix, the answer of trust is always no. Everything she says is a manipulation of one sort or another. But she offers me a treaty and tells me to get the tribes to sign it. Sign it and there will be peace. She will stop killing tribes, will cease the genocide.

The trick is going to be getting the tribes together to sign it. I have an idea, but my mother isn’t going to like it.

Not even in the slightest. It’s time for both powers—the great tribal Families and the Hands of Tarot to step down.

They won’t go gently. But I’m ready.

Devices of War

Synn El'Asim has been taught his entire life to protect the Families at all costs, but when Queen Nix sets her eyes on him, targeting the El'Asim fleet in order to get her hands on him and the power of his Marks, he'll do whatever it takes to steal the knowledge she offers and bring an end to her world. 

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