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F.J. Blooding

3.5 Slipping On Karma Peels

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Karma isn’t always a dish best served cold.

Paige and Dexx are leading paranormals to freedom as carefully and quickly as they can.

Wynonna Hunt, a karmic witch in New Orleans, is after a demon, Valfire. But the only way to get to him is through another demon, Threknal.

The very same demon Paige released from the DoDO compound, the only living thing capable of touching her magick.

Paige needs to stay in the game by eliminating the only viable threat to her magick. Wy needs to free her girlfriend from a demon deal made nine years ago.

Together, they’ll stop Threknal as the U.S. trudges closer to war.

Para Wars

The Whiskeys saved the world from Sven Seven Tails but at a heavy cost. As they're reeling with their losses and at their two newest additions, they're slammed with a new threat that's more powerful than anything they've faced before; their own government. Struggling to find a balance between the paras thrust into the open and the humans who are now terrified of this brave new world, the Whiskeys are thrust into a position that will change their world forever.

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