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F.J. Blooding

3.3 Midnight Whiskey

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Peace has been reached, but just how long will it last?

Paige Whiskey has a lot on her plate. Her twins are following in their father’s footsteps and tearing up Troutdale. Her prophetic son is glowing randomly and scaring everyone into a near panic, and an old enemy shows up with a new plan of attack.

However, Paige is now powerless to protect herself, her family, or the paranormal world at large. The mages at DoDO have figured out how to tame her magick to keep her under control.

But as she’s doing her level best to keep the U.S. out of civil war, she’s also got to figure out how to keep this insidious magick-time-bomb from destroying everything she is.

The world is changing quickly and she’s got to be ready to stand up and do whatever it takes.

Para Wars

The Whiskeys saved the world from Sven Seven Tails but at a heavy cost. As they're reeling with their losses and at their two newest additions, they're slammed with a new threat that's more powerful than anything they've faced before; their own government. Struggling to find a balance between the paras thrust into the open and the humans who are now terrified of this brave new world, the Whiskeys are thrust into a position that will change their world forever.

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