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S.S. Wolfram

3.2 London Bridge Down

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Dexx is kidnapped by DoDO and his memory is erased.

In his new place in the DoDO headquarters in America, he fights against the block and is sent to England to prevent the memories from resurfacing. Bad news for Dexx and DoDO.

His new boss takes a special interest in him and he learns more of his magick-borne past.
The good news is he has unseen help. The bad news is… he has unseen help.

Dexx has two choices. He can regain his memories and bring DoDO down from within, or he can bring Red Star Division down in the employ his new job with DoDO.

Para Wars

The Whiskeys saved the world from Sven Seven Tails but at a heavy cost. As they're reeling with their losses and at their two newest additions, they're slammed with a new threat that's more powerful than anything they've faced before; their own government. Struggling to find a balance between the paras thrust into the open and the humans who are now terrified of this brave new world, the Whiskeys are thrust into a position that will change their world forever.

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